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Jan 31, 2014

January 30, 2014
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I am offering Sound Healing Journeys at Trailhead Healing Arts Center, 801 South Grand Ave @ Glenwood. The parking area is behind the two story brick building with a new sign coming anytime now at this new location. Come in the back steps near the carriage house.

I just completed a series of 8 sessions and more are being created. As a matter of fact the last of this series is Friday Jan 31, 2014. There are a couple of opportunities to enjoy this relaxing, guided meditation and sound healing experience.

Friday lunch hours and the second Tues of the month I will be offering an evening opportunity to experience the sound healing journey at 7pm. If you enjoy Yoga Nidra, join us for this relaxation and renewing time in the vibrations of sound. I use a variety of tools including: tuning forks, drums, didgeridoo, singing bowls, crystal bowl, rainstick, chimes, bells and more. I am intuitively guided and the sound is created by the music of each participant. Thank you in advance!

Fri Jan 31, 2014    12:15pm-1:15pm      The Universal You
Tues Feb 11   7pm-8:15pm      Endocrine System
Fri Feb 14      VALENTINES DAY      INT Sound Healing Day
Fri Feb 21      12:15-1:15pm      SPECIAL EVENT: Shamanic Meditation And Drum Wash
Tues Mar 11       7pm-8:15pm   The Organs


This sound healing series will blend gentle stretching, guided meditation, sound healing and yoga relaxation. Each session will focus on balancing chakras with a key chakras as the focus. Mudras, chants and Corpse Pose, Oh my! Join the fun, harmonize your energy body while relaxing your physical self at the Trailhead!

Fri Mar 14      12:15-1:15pm ROOT, SACRAL, SOLAR PLEXUS
Fri Mar 21      12:15-1:15pm      HEART & THROAT
Fri Mar 28 12:15-1:15pm BROW & CROWN
Fri Apr 11      12:15-1:15pm      CHAKRA DHYANA

**private session are available by appointment only. Contact me for more details.

SO VERY EXCITED TO BEGIN THIS SERIES OF TRANSFORMATION GAMES. Come to one or all. They build a road map for creating new and beneficial momentums for you. The first tuesday of the month. These games will be held at Teri’s Magic Penthouse and Art of Transforming Studio. Address and directions when you sign up for the class. SUGGESTED LOVE OFFERING $25. Bring a friend to be entered into a drawing to win a free 1 hour session with me. Drawing will be after the 3 game series.
TUES FEB 4, 2014    6:30pm-8:30pm      
TUES MAR 4, 2014   6:30pm-8:30pm      
TUES APR 1, 2014    6:30pm-8:30pm      TRANSFORMING MONEY ISSUES

TUES FEB 4, 2014   TRANSFORMING RELATIONSHIP PATTERNS that no longer serve, GATHER RELATIONSHIP GIFTS and cultivate your inner strengths.

You are invited to PLAY! Join me for The Transformation Game Journey. TUES FEB 4, 2014. 6:30-8:30pm This workshop/ playshop will help us gather gifts, tools, awareness, and overcome obstacles that create pain, stuck energy, and conflict in our relationships. This is the first of a 3 game series, come to one or all as they stand alone yet build on one another as well.

We will play with a collective intention; however your own personal intention will govern the energy and expansion of your personal game. No worries, I will help you with all the tools. This can be relationship to SELF, to partners, earth, GOD/ DIVINE, family, friends, community or just generally gathering insight to help your relationship energy.

Suggested Love Offering $25. Bring a friend to be put in a drawing for a FREE 1 hour session with me. Drawing will be held in April after the series of 3 games is complete.

Contact me here, private message or at 217-899-5247. Or email at

The Transformation Game is a metaphysical, symbolic game of life you play out on a board…like monopoly. The tools of the game are navigated with intuition and free will choices based on your playing focus.
As a certified facilitator and spiritual life coach I assist you in working with the details of the game, create a powerful playing focus, and use the tools and info to bring about new awareness and integrate it into the next steps in life.

Clearing pain in the game just may help you clear it in life easier and without keeping you stuck or in chaos. Receiving insights can open up your alignment with the miracles you have been seeking; sorting thru obstacles can create a positive shift in the no longer useful patterns that have been bogging you down.

Whether you are in the midst of relationships issues, developing a stronger relationship with yourself, partner, or Divine….this journey will provide great opportunities for growth, validation, and proactive energy to support you on your relationship paths in the world.

I offer this game as part of my energy coaching business. Fabulous for groups, families, couples, friends, employees and I can work with you to customize your own event. Contact me for more information.

March 4 @ 6:30-8:30pm FOCUS: health and wellness-
April 1 @ 6:30-8:30pm FOCUS: money, prosperity, abundance


Wanting to try some of what I offer in my private practice? Experience something new and different than what you have before? Curious about what else I do with my metaphysical bag of tricks and tools I have collected and studies over my 25+ years in the healing arts field? Here are a few special sessions with an introductory rate. And it’s okay even if it’s not really an introductory for you. Repeat clients encouraged too!

Choose one or we can customize your session to experience a blend.

Sound Healing Treatment
Auriculotherapy (ear reflexology) or Emotional Reflexology
Hypnotherapy: for stress, balance, or spirit guidance, etc
Partial body massage w/ or w/o guided imagery
Chakra reading and balancing

*KIDS UNDER 16, 1st session free. Great for school stressors, self-esteem, and giving them self-healing tools they can continue to use themselves.

Customized Intuitive Healing sessions are based on time and can include a variety of tools or requested technique such as massage, spiritual coaching, medical intuitive session, hypnosis, shamanic journey, etc. A 30min consultation offered free for 1st time clients for these customized sessions booked with first appointment.
1 HR… $100
1 ½ ….$150* most recommended and get an additional half hr free with a first time consultation
2 HR…. $200

Visit my website for more information at or call me at 217-899-5247 to schedule a session. My email contact is If facebook is your gig you can find me there personally with Teri Freesmeyer and professionally on Art Of Transforming Energy.


HYPNOSIS? After years of being asked if I was a hypnotherapist even by hypnotherapists; last year I completed my consulting hypnotist training. Traditional hypnosis works with the subconscious/unconscious mind. Combined with my metaphysical gifts of intuition and divine guidance as my main tool I use a form of hypnosis I call Super Power Hypno. This works as I always have with your Super Conscious or Higher Consciousness to align deep healing on every level. Where 10 sessions of hypnosis may have been needed before….2-3 sessions create a miraculous impact. Health issues, Self Esteem, Relationships, Connection to the Higher Self/ God Consciousness/ Universal you; the options of what to work with are limitless and I can help you discover the heart of the matter you wish to work with. I offer a free 30 min consultation and packages of 3 or more sessions. Want to know more?

I am so stoked about this subject and the use of hypnosis added to my practice AND I just found out that a colleague and I have been invited to present our Super Nova Weight Loss program at the National Guild of Hypnotist in Boston this summer!!! SOOO SUPER NOVA EXCITED!!!

This particular colleague came as a sound healing client, had some miraculous results from is and was also my hypnosis teacher. She has recently published a book about her journey of healing from some major life events and use of alternative therapies such as hypnosis, sound healing, meditation, breathwork, yoga etc. My Golden Heart: Putting the Pieces Back Together by Sharron Magyar is written to speak to your subconscious mind. There are exercises to work with and packed full of information on the soul wounds we carry and how healing alternatives can support the retrieval of your life force energy. Good job Sharron.

SHAMANIC MINISTER? Last year I also completed a program and was ordained as a Shamanic Minister through Aahara Spiritual Community and Venus Rising University. I have long time been involved with Shamanic Studies, breathwork, medicine wheel journeys and vision quests. This was the first spiritual path that spoke to my soul at a deep level. I became ordained in 2007 as Rev. Teri Freesmeyer and this past year in Shamanic Ceremony I was ordained Shamanic Minister Teri DragonHeart Freesmeyer to celebrate my Spirit Name. The element of fire is alive and well in my heart and soul and I am excited to roar even louder with these new additions to my education, spiritual path, and divine gifts.

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING? This year my guidance was something out of left field for me but I am eagerly approaching teaching my first classes in the coming weeks. Yoga teacher training virtually showed up at my door and well even thru resistance I knew that was where my guidance was leading. So here I am about 1/3 of the way thru a lifelong practice of yoga, seeing how it speaks so much of the same language in another way as all the units of wisdom that have taught me along the way. I am not fully clear where all this will lead but I am getting continual guidance and support for some of my inspirations…Shamanic Yoga, Yoga Sound, TOEga Parties, Adaptive Yoga, Yoga for the Highly Sensitive Being or Yoga for the Empathic Soul….and more! Watch here, facebook and Trailhead Healing Arts Center for more classes, workshops, events with the amazing Healing Arts Community that is being gathered.

NO ONE TURNED AWAY? I honor my guidance as to what to charge for the exchange of energy that I offer in my sessions. I am so grateful for all who find their way to my door, skype, phone, or events and for sending me your friends and families. No words can express my deep and humbling gratitude to get to share my hearts calling with you. That being said I also honor the work I am gifted to do and have a NO ONE TURNED AWAY policy. Please contact me if you are in need of support and we can work out an option that honors us both. I have many events that are love offering donations as well. Contact me and we can discuss and I will follow my guidance.

THE $10 QUESTION? I will answer an email question to give guidance on what I get at a very reasonable fee I call the $10 question. You can send more than one. $10 for each I get info about.

SKYPE? Did you know you can do hypnosis via skype? YES! It works great. All of my session are available via private session, skype, phone consultation (which can be recorded via conference line) or group session of 2 or more.

GROUPS, FAMILIES, RETREATS, ETC? I am available for customized sessions, Transformation Games, Energy Medicine workshops and more for your group, family event, bridal shower, birthday, girls night out, business meeting, retreat, open house and more. Contact me for free consultation

Hugs and Blessings,

Teri! Freesmeyer
Metaphysician, Consulting Hypnotist, LMT, OM