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Apr 3, 2011

Art Of Transforming Energy News
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4. CHAKRAS 101

1.   F*R*E*E* Conference call

I am currently taking a class on Wed. nights and will be making some adjustments to my conference call for the next 2 months.
Mark you calendars for April and May

Please have water to drink, pen and paper to write, which is optional.

This month’s call will be Wed April 6, 2011 @ 11am CST

To join the call a1-712-432-3100
Code: 978307

12 pm EST
11am CST
10 am MT
9 am PT/AZ

*Mark you calendar now for May 3, 2011. Same time, same call in info.

The previous calls are recorded. If you would like to experience them, email me.
I would be happy to share the log in info to access them with you.



Unity Church of Practical Christianity
417 Cordelia. Springfield, IL
Second Thursday of the month.
Love Offering basis.

Join us for this guided imagery healing meditation. The session is approximately 1 hour long. The room is available after for you to relax and soak in the energy.

All donations go to Unity Church.
Mark you calendars now for May 12 & June 9.

Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Church
745 Woodside Drive, Springfield, IL
April 22-23, 2011

A weekend of events beginning Friday night with coffee house/ open mic 6-10pm
Sat begins with beginners yoga (8:30-9:30), Zen meditation (9:30-11:30), lunch (11:30-12) and multiple workshops (noon-5). There will also be exhibits to explore.

I will be presenting a workshop on PROSPERITY YOGA: no mat needed, breathing encouraged. “Are you plugged in to the flow of prosperity, money, receiving, giving?”

Free of charge for events. However…..Please register if you plan to attend so they can make enough food for all. For more information contact Randy or Pat @ 217-494-1162 or

Feel free to email me as well if you would like the flyer sent to you as a download.


June 3-5, 2011
UU Women’s Connection
Spring Retreat
Pilgrims Park Retreat Center
Princeton, IL (near Starved Rock State Park)

It is truly an honor to be asked to return as keynote for this year’s event. I have so much to share, celebrate and nurture you with. This years retreat is focused on the experience of the moment, the senses, and the Self.

Join us in THE JOY OF NOW to rejuvenate and reconnect by allowing your Self this time, exploring and nurturing your senses, reconnecting with your sisters, nature, and inner reflection. We have music, movement, brain food for thought, camaraderie, and solitude. An opportunity to create the retreat you need.

Register early (by May 15th) to save $. This all inclusive retreat has several options for a weekend retreat less than $200. Some scholarships are available for those who need some assistance attending.

For more info or to register go to

Or contact me via email and I will send you out the document for registration.

3.   April IRS Special & What I do

This month I am offering a floating scale fee on all of my sessions until April 15th..
$50-$80 pr hour session;
$75-$100 hr&1/2;
$100-$150 for 2hr.

Feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment or consultation via email, facebook, or phone (yes, I text).
Teri Freesmeyer on Facebook

I have been journaling about how to explain what I do, asking for guidance, praying for a way to help myself and others understand my work when it is far from a linear explanation. I woke up one morning as this message from Spirit flowed through me. I am so grateful. My intent is that it speaks to you and you are drawn to my work if you are meant to be.

Energy is light, buoyant and rapidly shifts with awareness.

Emotions flow like water. Swift waves or stagnant pond. Occasionally a geyser, and yes;
even a tsunami.

Thoughts and beliefs run rampant like fire, hide away and altar our reality like an unknown predator.

The body shifts the slowest. It holds the memories, traumas, dis-eases, and created belief environment deep in the cells.

As a meta-physician, I work with all layers to unwind, align and assist you in allowing the awareness of what is ready to shift in the body, mind, and spirit.

This allows the Spirit, The Divine in you, to awaken and reflect your own truth. To reveal your brilliance, strengths, and flow of energy beyond ego conditioning.

This is why you are here. This is your purpose.

I work with Energy Medicine tools, Massage and Intuitive Bodywork, and Soul Coaching all from experience in shamanic, medium and psychic gift. I work with individuals all ages, couples and groups or retreats. I work in person, by phone, and distance energy work.

I have 20+ years of Spa experience and also offer facial, salt scrub, hot stone massage, body wrap, and aromatherapy services as well.

My sessions fees are normally $80hr- $100hr &1/2 -$150 2hr.
Hot Stones additional $20, Face and Body Treatments add $5.

Please share this with others who may benefit as well.
Thank You, Teri!

4.   Chakras 101

I just taught a CHAKRAS 101 class. We had such fun experiencing our chakras through play, journaling, movement and all the senses. Chakras are to be experienced in your own unique way.

Try this quick and joyful Chakra clearing and regenerating tip. (less than 5min)
LAUGH your way through your chakras.

1.   Take a deep breath in as you connect with your Divine space, whatever that means to you. Notice how you are feeling.
2.   Imagine energy flowing in through your crown and down your spine, energetically connecting you to Earth’s gravitational pull.
3.   Focus on each chakra one at a time as you laugh your way through them.
4.   Base to sacral…to solar plexus…..heart…throat….third eye…crown!
5.   Submerse your entire energy in a bubble of laughter.
6.   Notice how you are feeling.

Don’t worry if you are faking it…eventually you will infuse your real laughter right along with it. Laughter is the best medicine. And your kids (inner or other) will love it!

Thanks and many blessings,
Teri! Freesmeyer
Meta-physician and Intuitive Healer
I’m also on Facebook.
Please connect with me there if like.