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Feb 1, 2011

Teri @ Art of Transforming Energy
From Teri Freesmeyer

    FEBRUARY 2011
Hello! Hard to believe we are already one month into our new year. Hope this finds you more aware of the brilliance within and around you. I write this while watching the Midwest blizzard and I am so thankful to be tucked in warm and so far still with power….and a stash of Oreo’s just in case.


****** FEBRUARY CONFERENCE CALL********************************
Please join me for a special welcoming the New Year conference call.

Wednesday February 2, 2011. 8pm CST (power permitting)
Dial in at 1-712-432-3100, code 978307
9pm EST
8pm CST
7pm MT
6pm PST
To access the previous call recordings anytime day or night, log onto:
Scroll to bottom of the page to ACCESS RECORDINGS
Enter your name, email, and code 978307

*****************VALENTINES READINGS****************************
In honor of the month we celebrate cupid, love, and chocolates
I am offering a special session rate of $50/hr for all relationship readings.

So if you are in a relationship and would like an intuitive and psychic readings to see where the energy is at, guidance on attracting a relationship, coaching on improving a relationship, or see where your energy is in regards to healing the relationship within yourself.

Now is the time. That is nearly half off my rate.
I will honor this rate thru February. Phone sessions, couple readings, or in person.

A Transformation Game for couples is another great way of seeing how you play out your path in life, individually and collectively. Insightful for newlyweds, long term relationships, great for opening communication in a safe and playful way, or even with family or friends. Experience now with your valentine or for yourself. More on my website about the game.

**************MY NEW BLOG*************************************

I finally did it. I started my blog. The discipline of getting back to a writers group has helped me so much. The inspiration and creative encouragement. Here’s a clip:

I thought the brownie had won.

I had been good girl. I had relinquished, denied, worked hard, and invited in more veggies and fruit, less meat and dairy. I was exercising nearly every day and enjoying it! Time for a treat before the self saboteur takes over.

So there it is…. on the counter….. Screaming loudly from the wrapper. “Let me out! I am delicious, your favorite, chocolate brownie and I could be stale if you wait.” No! No! I am fasting till noon. Keep busy.

The subtle rambling of the brownie can be heard over the exercise DVD, the washing machine, the vacuum and even in the shower with suds in my ears, it’s tempting and sending energetic vibrations of desire out to get me.

Okay, one bite and then back to work. Get it over with and curb the craving with one bite. I could throw it away? “WHAT ARE YOU NUTS? That’s completely good money down the drain, wasteful, there are starving kids in china, hell in your same zip code!”

One bite, enjoyed slowly and consciously. Whew.
Good job. And the day continues. I can hear the clock ticking away the minutes until noon when I can break my fast, well other than that one bit I just couldn’t resist, so much for self discipline.

Okay, at noon brownie I am taking you down. Destroying your ass and then we will see who has the last laugh.

Noon. Finally. Devour. Conquer. Stick to your teeth, deep dark chocolate brownie of sinfully deliciousness. Mmmm. Slowly experiencing brownie bliss. Moaning and cackling inside like a mad woman who has just stolen the treasure and gotten away with it.

UNTIL… the self loathing kicks in at 12:15 and then~~
(go to blog to finish)

Join me at for my Art of Transforming Energy blog spot!

*********CONTINUING THE ONENESS BLESSINGS*********************
Last month I asked you to send the names of loved ones, pets, or friends and I would add them to my blessing list. Each Saturday I am doing some preparation and blessing work as the energy of higher consciousness unfolds around us.

I will continue this throughout the month. Please feel free to email your names @, please put Oneness Blessings in the subject line. Remember to put yourself too. Know that you are holding that space for blessings as well with your heartfelt intent.


A gift from the Divine, a physical or intentional transfer of sacred energy. Deeksha or blessing helps to open the heart, heal relationships, quiet the chattering mind, open the doors to higher states of consciousness and initiates the process of awakening into Oneness. This brings us into reality of whatever is happening in the moment, often with clarity instead of drama or struggle.

Deeksha or Oneness Blessings has proven to affect neurobiological shifts in the physical brain, catalyzing the awakening of kundalini and balancing the chakras.

Personally I have felt the expansion of chakras and blissful connection to the Divine. If you are interested in becoming a Oneness Blessing Giver I encourage you to participate in the events offered around the world. Contact me if you need more info, I may be able to direct you to someone in your area, via the Oneness grapevine I connect with.

**********MORNING AND EVENING MANTRAS***************************
How did the mantras work for you? Did you adapt them for yourself? Did you notice any difference? Just curious.

*********EVENTS AND OTHER WONDERS*****************************
Along with the monthly conference call, accessible via phone from anywhere in the world, I also have a few other events, meditations, and retreats coming up.

Unity Church of Springfield, 417 Cordelia St, Springfield IL
The second Thursday of the month is the Joyous Meditation. 11am-1pm.

This guided journey, based on the energy of the group, is a powerful healing journey as you participate with the guidance to unfold new levels of awareness. Repeatedly this remarkable event surprises me every time in the extraordinary wisdom and metaphysical experience we unveil in this gathering. Walk ins welcome. Suggested love offering $20.

February 10th
March 10th
April 14th

**********SPA FOR THE SOUL RETREA*****************
JUNE 3-5, 2010
Pilgrims Park, IL
Mark your calendar for this inexpensive retreat weekend. I am already receiving guidance on this event and super excited to work with the crew again from last year on creating another spectacular event. For more information go to

************MY WORK****************************************
My service menu has expanded now that I am in my own studio space in IL.

The Healing Arts Spa Style may be the lure for you. Hot Stone, Lymphatic Drainage and Traditional forms of Massage, Energy Balancing Facial, Aromatherapy Salt Scrub, and all with the intent of balancing, raising and aligning your energy frequency.

I also do coaching and energy balancing sessions as well. I begin with your permission to be guided by your energy, I intuit or “read” the energy and am guided to the information coming up to heal, awareness, balance, or integrate.

This is quite an experience. People are often surprised of the information I am guided to work with even prior to their arrival for the session.

Call or email for more details, to schedule an appointment or purchase a gift certificate for these or any of my other coaching, reading or energy healing tools.

*Thank you to the Divine for guiding me to my purpose of assisting others with my gift of energy healing, helping align them with their Soul’s brilliance. I LOVE MY JOB!*

Blessings for a profoundly thriving and a high vibration New Year!
Teri! Freesmeyer