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Nov 1, 2010

Welcome to all of you who are just joining my newsletter campaign and thanks to all of you who have been there since the first edition. "Slow and steady wins the race" says the turtle.
1. November Conference Call   
2. Find me on Facebook   
3. Transformation Game via Facebook   
4. Gift for you! You Tube meditation
5. What do I do in a session?
6. Two new healing techniques


This month the conference call will be a bit different than in the past.

Due to my travel schedule I will be unable to do the call live this month. You will be able to access the recordings from all previous calls and a few extra surprises on there too. Thank you for your understanding and hope to have you all on the live call next month.

To access the call recordings anytime day or night, log onto

Scroll to bottom of the page to ACCESS RECORDINGS

Enter your name, email, and code 978307

**Next month’s call will be on Wednesday December 1, 2010
8pm CST.
Dial 1-712-432-3100
Code 978307


Hello to all of you Facebook fanatics out there. Or even if you are just a Facebook occasional fan. Please friend me on Facebook to find out more about my events and bursts of profoundly obscure wisdom and trivial tidbits of Divine guidance.

Friend me: Teri Freesmeyer

Please and Thank you!

Currently, as of this issue, I am doing a Facebook Transformation Game. Find the game info below. The Transformation Game is one of the first tools I began using in my private practice. It is an amazing powerful tool you play out on a board. An interactive game of life.

More about it on my website at

Create your own playing intention for something you would like to transform or go you can also use the one I was guided to play at the collective.

“We intend to clarify what keeps us from Oneness.”

Each week for 4 weeks I am playing a level of the game and posting the experience on Facebook. I will also have this info on my website. Use the information for with your own intent for insight, awareness, and clarity. Allow your intuition to guide you on what each segment of information means for you.
You can spend as much or as little time with this.

What you put in you get out. Transformation occurs anyway. Awareness takes presence!


Create an intention. Friend me on Facebook. Sign up for this event or tag me to invite you. Read the first two weeks on my website.


I invite you to visit this link and enjoy this healing meditation. This is an excerpt from my Lymphatic Massage DVD for breast care. The meditation is good for all body, mind, and spirit. The DVD can be purchased through my website. One for breast care, pre or post surgical or preventative. The other one for face and neck, great for sinus, instant face lift, pre or post surgical.



Very good question!
I work with energy frequency/vibration.
With your permission I tune in intuitively to be guided by your energy, guides, and higher self to best serve you. Whether we work via phone or in person I have a unique way of blending tools to create a balance of energy for you.

So if I am reading your energy, as in a psychic reading, the goal is to learn more about you so I can teach you about your energy. I read toes, aura, chakras, vibrations, bodies. I work with your energy psychically, your guides and helpers mediumistically, and with subtle energy intuitively all while pulling out of my hat a variety of energy tools and techniques to help you become more centered and aware of your energy systems.

If you want to align with more grace, healing, joy, understanding of the spiritual realm, balance and harmony, call me.

If you wish to learn to work with your higher self, awaken to your spiritual gifts, work with your guides and angels on a more personal level, find out what keeps you stuck or repeating obstacles, call me.

If you are looking for a metaphysical coach, a toe reading (different that tarot or palm, yes TOES), or in search of a great massage therapist who goes beyond the physical to the metaphysical, call me.

Or if you would simply like to go for it and trust I know what I get. I trust what I get and I am 100% certain I have numerous things that help people live more authentically in their wholeness and can teach you too, call me.

I can also bring what I have to offer to you. Let’s chat about bringing me to your area. I am an inspirational coach and intuitive healer who knows how to have fun and shine light on those places so they are not so scary. Let’s play!


I have been working with two new healing techniques. One inspired by the angels to help with anti-aging and regeneration. The other works with the consciousness of just about anything and everything. This particular one is fabulous for relationships too.

The first uses sacred geometry to balance those places in the metaphysical body I find intuitively. Then I help you align your vibration. Many things keep our vibration from aligning. Things like trauma, safety, deserving, and belief in possibilities.

The second is a prayer where we find the areas needing to clear energy using the consciousness, or frequency. Everything has a frequency. Intuitively I work with you to clear these areas. Some things shift quick, others lead us to the next layer.
Fascinating results with both of these. I feel some of the most intense energy shifts I have ever felt using the techniques on myself.

I am offering a limited one hour session for shifting consciousness/ vibration at a reduced rate through the end of the month. One hour session normally $80. Book now for $60.
Email, text, or call 217-899-5247.


For more details, see my website.

My session fees are based on time. Services includes bodywork, readings, coaching, energy balancing, couples coaching and energy reading, personal consult and energy education.

In person and via phone consult.

1 1/2hr…$100
1 hr…….$80
30min….$50 (phone session only)

**Hot Stone massage 1 1/2hr….. $125
***Duet in the Dessert (AZ) 2 hr…..$200

My studio is located in Springfield, IL.

I also have location and schedules currently in Houston, TX; Mesa, AZ; Cape Cod area; Kansas City area.

I am always up for new endeavors too. Invite me to your area!

Many blessings and gratitude,
Teri Freesmeyer