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Oct 5, 2010

Art of Transforming News
October 5, 2010
Publisher: Teri! Freesmeyer

In this issue
1. Monthly Conference Call and it is F*R*E*E*

2. Moon Phases to ponder

3. Creative writing inspired by Archangel Gabriel

4. Upcoming events & Ongoing Events

1. Monthly Conference Call…..F*R*E*E*
Hope you able to join me in the October conference call.
Each call is unique to the participants and I look forward to this event
every month. I just never know where I will be guided and it always is exactly
and divinely orchestrated.

I am eager and willing to be the vessel. Are you called to be present and receive balance, gift, inspiration or connection to the Divine?

Here’s how to get to the call:

WHERE: Dial in at 1-712-432-3100

Code: 978307

8pm CST
7pm MT
6pm PT/ AZ

Time zone converters are available on line as well.

Next call November 3, 2010. 8pm CST. Every first Wednesday of the month.

2. Moon Phases to ponder

As we are closing from the last quarter moon and into the New Moon, here is some tidbits of Moon Info that may help you utilize the energies of Grandmother Moon more fully.

Oct 7: New Moon
New moon is great to begin a project. New beginnings and bringing forth new cycles for relationships, planting gardens (physically or symbolically), renewing time. A great cycle to cleanse karmic debris from new moon to full moon. New moon promotes change, spontaneous planning and fresh possibilities.

Set intentions.
The new moon is like a full moon in that this one meditation equate to a full month of meditation.

Oct 14: First Quarter Moon
Time to take the pulse. “What else can I do to move the project (new moon) along, faster. Clarify, check the to do list, see if any changes are needed to help project with fruition.

Check in to see where you are with intention and course correct if need be.

Oct 23: Full Moon
Symbolic or physical completion. Fullness, ripeness. Do ritual with self and honor the emotions running high during this time. This is the ripeness and full bloom of the depths of the project, what its really about.

Give gratitude for progress. Harvest. And ask Grandmother for wisdom on the harvest.
Full moon meditation equates to a full month. A powerful meditation time.

Oct 30: Last Quarter Moon
Time to re-organize and clean the cupboards to plan for next moon stage. Time up loose ends and resolve old issues. Create a final outcome. Do a symbolic or internal clean up of the soil to plant new.

Clean the slate, tidy up, tune into Grandmothers energy for what needs to be cleansed.
You can burn, let go, dance, or meditate release of those feelings, patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you.

3. Creative Writing inspired from meditation with Archangel Gabriel

Awaken in the wee hours. Lost. Alone.
Where am I?
Does it matter?

Awaken in broad daylight. Suddenly. Alert, yet lost to yourself.
Where am I?
Doesn’t matter.

Awaken to the depths of your Soul.
Suddenly mindful you have never been more lost, more profound,
more alert, more asleep, more mindful, more full, more empty.
Where am I?

Right where you left me.
Welcome home.
No matter!

***Thursdays @ Unity of Springfield

See unity of Springfield calendar for more details
Check the calendar and events page.

****Thursdays 11-1pm
JOYOUS MEDITATION & Energy Medicine Playdates
Love Offering.

Thursdays October 7th thru October 21st
Unity of Springfield, 417 Cordelia

Class is on a love offering basis.

This is a concept based class teaching technique to access your Soul’s expanded capacity. Some of the topics we will cover are breath control relaxation, the soul shift, understanding your psychic senses to help you in every day experiences, self acceptance and self healing technique.

We will practice cleansing the aura, looping to Universal energy, accessing joy, blending, inner child connection, access past life strengths, and deeper soul connections.

We will learn to feel, understand, sense the divine presence and guidance around us and accessible at all time. Cleansing your chakras and sending energy into your future.

*Books by Mr. Pete A. Sanders JR: Access Your Brain’s Joy Center, You Are Psychic, Scientific Vortex Information. Go to or your local bookstore to get your own copy.

You do not need the books to attend the course.


I am available to come to your area or business to do these workshops, or any of my work. Contact me to make arrangements.

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If you would like to learn some self healing techniques, have an energy reading (psychic reading) to receive guidance, an energy massage and bodywork session, or are just curious enough about my work to have an intuitively guided session with me, email or call.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, unclear, disconnected or simply out-of-alignment with your Center, contact me via my website at or by calling at 217-899-5247.

You can also email me at

I recommend a one-hour Energy Balancing Session. I will assist you in calling back your energies from the areas of your life that create imbalance.

Using intuition (my own energy awareness), psychic (my sense of your energy) and Energy Consulting techniques, I will guide you to the awareness of your own Energy. You will be able to focus, balance and harmonize in all areas of your life more positively when you are aware of your own energy and how you use it! I record our session via conference line when applicable and you will be able to access that recording.

Love and Gratitude! ~Teri

Hugs and Blessings,
Metaphysician & Energy Therapist