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May 1, 2010

Art Of Transforming Energy News
Publisher: Teri! Freesmeyer

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In this issue

1. MAY Conference Call~ Wed. May 5, 2010 8pm CST

2. JOYUS: Journey of Your Undulating Soul

3. Upcoming Events

1. F*R*E*E May Conference Call
1.   Monthly Conference Call for F*R*E*E*.

This month’s conference call will be Wednesday, May 5, 2010 @ 8pm CST.
There is no charge for this call. I have been offering these calls about six months now and they are increasingly more powerful. I am divinely guided as to the Energy Healing modality of the call. I will be sharing Energy balancing tools and guiding you through a meditation for balance. Each call is unique to the participants and is recorded. Please join me and tell others who may benefit.

Please have water to drink, pen and paper to write, which is optional.

To join the call at 1-712-432-3100
Code: 978307

9pm EST
8pm CST
7pm MT
6pm PT

*Mark you calendar now for June 2, 2010. Same time, same call in info.

The previous calls are recorded. If you would like to experience them, email me.
I would be happy to share the log in info to access them with you.

2. JOYUS: Journey of Your Undulating Soul

I love to work in groups. It allows people to benefit from others experiences as well.
Spirit guided me to start a group Energy Healing session a few month’s back. I was simply calling it “special session with Teri”.

These sessions have been so amazingly powerful. As I prepare for my trip to
Cape Cod and the events there these special sessions have evolved. Thanks to inspiration and some much appreciated feedback from my toe reading pal, Cheryl, JOYUS was created. Undulating is that wave, flow, the rhythm. I intuitively see this energy frequency when I am doing an energy reading (phone or in person) as I work
with a client.

The JOYUS sessions are based in the AVANA METHOD practice that is the main basis of the Energy Healing work I do. I add a pinch of this and a dash of that from my transformation toolbox to create a uniquely individualized session. I am SO grateful for the guidance I am receiving in these sessions and others.

If you are in the Springfield, IL area or will be in Cape Cod in May (see the event schedule below) please contact for a reserved seat for one of these sessions. I limit the size of the group so you can receive individualized attention as well. I will also be in Phoenix and Sedona, AZ a few times in the upcoming months. You can contact via email to get on my events mailing list for those locations.

Fee is only $20

May 6 11am-1pm OR 4pm-6pm
May 27 11am-1pm OR 5pm-7pm
June 10 11am-1pm OR 5-7pm
June 24 11-1pm OR 5-7pm

Contact me via email at or call 217-899-5247 to reserve a seat.

Please visit more on the AVANA METHOD at
You can order the vibrational music I use in these sessions or sign up to attend the monthly conference calls, receive the newsletter and more.



Cape Cod,MA ( Brewster and Orleans area)

I will be in Cape Cod area in May (12th -18th)! I will be facilitating a series of workshops and classes, as well as taking individual appointments. There will be a meet & greet with a special meditation to start the week off. Stay tuned for more information and if
You know someone in the Cape Cod area who may be interested in more information or want to host events in your area ( I love to travel), feel free to email or call me 217-899-5247.

Or in the Cape Cod area, contact Licia at 508-896-9118

Artist of Transforming Energy and Meta-physician
Creator of “Be Your Own Vibrator”, Teri reads energy vibrations intuitively and helps you create, transform, and align with your life force energy into that of abundance, ease, success, positive thoughts, and purpose as you align with your vibrant energy. Teri will share eight cleansing techniques to easily and safely cleanse the energetic clutter that accumulates in our environments: home, office, car, mind, body, spirit. Love Offering.

Awaken your seven subtle senses and discover your intuitive gifts. You will learn how to tune your skills and become aware of how Spirit speaks to and through you. Guided imagery and interpretive tools bring together Teri’s talents along with her Energy toolbox. As a transformational artist, she will teach how to open the channels to lead a Spirit driven life of being your own vibrator!

Workshop: TOE READING! Yes, Toes, not Tarot!
Discover the stories in your toes. Toe Talking helps you discover your potentiality, where you energy goes as you walk your path. Are you walking with your purpose? You will learn how to read your own toes. We will explore the chakras, the elements, the beliefs systems, and the journey of you Soul-- in your Sole! Come experience this magnificent awareness tool. Toe-tally unique, out of the box and a conversation piece like no other!

Workshop: JOYUS! Journey of your undulating Soul, 5-8pm
Guided from the Great Ones, this class is the launching pad for everyone. This is the heart of what brings Teri to the Cape. In the energy of the New Moon we will move from the absorption of the world consciousness to the reflective nature of you Higher Self. We will come together in this time and place to profoundly shift the frequencies that no longer serve us by finding the core, the lifetime, the ancestral links, the tangle and begin to unravel and restore our Beings to our innate truth of Divinity and Light. A powerful meditation and healing experience, this is a foundation piece of Teri’s work on the planet at this time and many of you as well. What we do here holds the space in the Universe for others to align. Join the party of positive vibrational healing.

Teri will guide you to shake and shimmy your chakras and reconnect to the instrument of prosperity in our bodies, energy field, in our environment of work and play. Stretch your abundance vibe with joy and laughter. Teri will assist you in freeing limiting beliefs, aligning with receiving, utilizing the elements of the Sea, the Winds, the Sands, and the Sun to bring our true nature of wealth to Cape Cod and Beyond!

Elements of the class are subject to creative inspiration in the moment. Sometimes we gather with one thing in mind and Spirit guided us to an even more profound gift. Thanks for your creative flexibility!


UU Women’s Connection Presents: “S.P.A. for the Soul”: Spiritual Path Awakening

Pilgrim Park Retreat Center-Princeton, IL
Keynote Speaker: ME!!!!

JUNE 4th-6th, 2010

Pilgrim Park near Princeton, Illinois, just off I-80, is an oasis of peace and green with a rustic and natural setting, lovely chapel with trees all around, pleasant staff, wholesome food and comfortable accommodations. There are walking trails, a labyrinth, a pond with a fountain, fire pit and gathering circle and much more to look forward too.

UU Women’s Connection promises pampering and de-stressing with a spa for body and soul.

Take advantage of our retreat payment plan; request a scholarship; make it a girl friend getaway or go it alone. However you do it...plan to join us for the most relaxing, reasonably priced retreat for women in 2010!

Go to for more info, registration form and brochure.
Look mid page for SPA for the Soul!
Registration is available now!
For questions you may contact Diana @ 217-546-5834 or email

Entire conference can be attended including room and board, meals, and events for less than $200 and that is with top digs/accommodations. You can even tent camp if you like.

There will be Express Yourself :arts and craft, Love Your Body: alternative heal practices, Silent Auction and book sale, Spiritual evolution experiences including Toe Reading, crystal bowls, and meditation. Also some Beauty enhancing fun with Lymphatic Face lift massage, color draping, make up and a Do-it-yourself Spa Station. And of course the sacred pilgrimage of quiet time, nature, sisterhood and self nurturing time.

Hope to see you there!

Love & Gratitude,
Metaphysician & Energy Therapist