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Mar 31, 2010

Art Of Transforming Energy News
Publisher: Teri! Freesmeyer

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In this issue
1. APRIL Conference Call~ Wed. April 7, 2010 8pm CST

2. EMF Information

3. Special Sessions, Fees and Announcements

1. Monthly Conference Call
1.   Monthly Conference Call for F*R*E*E*.

I am offering a free teleconference call every month. The topic and format will be based on the group. I tune into the energy of the group and allow my guidance to lead the way. There will be any combination of Energy reading and coaching, Energy transformation tips and tools, meditation and healing intention.

Please have water to drink, pen and paper to write, which is optional.

This month’s call will be Wed April 7, 2010 @ 8pm CST

To join the call a1-712-432-3100
Code: 978307

9pm EST
8pm CST
7pm MT
6pm PT

*Mark you calendar now for May 5, 2010. Same time, same call in info.

The previous calls are recorded. If you would like to experience them, email me.
I would be happy to share the log in info to access them with you.

2. EMF and how we can support our precious energy system

Recently I have been noticing a common theme showing up in the energy reading and healing session I am doing with my private practice clients.
(YES! I do still take private clients and would love to work with you.)

I am getting a toxicity imbalance in their energy systems associated with EMF, Electromagnetic Frequencies. Cell phones and computers are some of the day to day ways we are exposed. However, there are many things in our “luxurious” environments that create environmental stress on our Energy.
Microwaves, vacuum cleaners, the frig were we store the food we consume to name a few.

The thing I most recognize is this as a stressor on our well being and how it affects our energy flow, our polarity. The MAIN thing I do for a client is work with getting the energy flowing correctly. When your energy is flowing you are naturally more healthy, vital, positive, attractive to that which you wish to show up in your life….You know BE YOUR OWN VIBRATOR!

So whether you choose intention, an energy healing session as support (yes, pick me!), or a EMF resonance shield, there are many ways we can support ourselves, our bodies, our energy from the things that serve us, yet create stress on our Beings.

Here is a link for a recording if you would like to know more about EMF protection.
I have great results with the products I have used from this company and recommend it often. From supplements to the best bubble bath EVER!

I have had a shield on my cell phone for over a year. Had one on my computer and well?????? Just ordered another one and decided to try the body shield too.
The info on the tele seminar just made a lot of sense to me with the info I have been getting on EMF toxicity. I asked for info and it was given! I just love that!

You can also access this at
There is a big red telephone on the right side or a link to the EMF resonance products on the left side. If you click on the phone and scroll down to the archives. Lots of great classes on there.

3.   Special Sessions, Fees, and Announcements

Here are some upcoming and on going events, information on the work I am doing and session information.

I work with your Soul’s energy and through that explore the energy you may be
experiencing that no longer serves you. There continues to be miracles and profound revelations. This work is simple and gentle. I work via phone or in person. Balance is the key. This is the goal of the session, to create balance within your metaphysical self.

I am offering a limited time session package at a special fee. Trio of Sessions
The package is of 3 sessions, 2-3 weeks apart.
The first session is hour and half, the following two are one hour each.

After to first 3 sessions you can continue as needed or if another issue you may want to work with arises.

REGULAR PRICED: $260 (3 sessions)

I am offering the $50 off the Trio until May 1st.

This is for all Energy Balancing/ AVANA sessions/ Energy Coaching.
Does not include Massage Therapy.



I am offering a Special Session Group a few times a month. These sessions are a
Limited size so you must pre register. It is an opportunity to experience my Energy Healing work and coaching at a limited fee of $20. The group size is small and I will intuit the course of the session based on the attendees. Meditation, energy tools, coaching and fun may all be included!

Contact me via email or phone to register for the sessions.\ or 217-899-5247
Here are the dates for the coming sessions.
April 1st
April 15th
May 6th
May 27th

Cape Cod,MA ( Brewster and Orleans area)

I will be in Cape Cod area in May(12th -18th)! I will be facilitating a series of workshops and classes, as well as taking individual appointments. There will be a meet & greet with a special meditation to start the week off. Stay tuned for more information and if
You know someone in the Cape Cod area who may be interested in more information, feel free to email or call me.

Or in the Cape Cod area, contact Licia at 508-896-9118


I am thrilled to announce I have been asked to be keynote speaker for the UUWC Women’s Spring Retreat in Illinois. The location for the retreat is at Pilgrims Park in Princeton, IL. The grounds are awesome with a drum circle and fire pit, a fountain in the pond, a stream, walking paths, and a Labyrinth (YIPPEE). The whole weekend including room and board, events, and food for less than $200.

I am telling you now so you can save the date! Here is the SAVE THE DATE INFO

UU Women's Connection
2010 Spring Conference
June 4-6
Pilgrim Park Retreat Center
Keynote: Teri Freesmeyer
Hosts: The women of Abraham Lincoln UU Congregation, headed by co chairs, Meg Schnake and Brenda Wade.

The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive. -- Thich Nhat Han

Pilgrim Park near Princeton, Illinois, just off I-80, is an oasis of peace and green with a rustic and natural setting, lovely chapel with trees all around, pleasant staff, wholesome food and comfortable accommodations. On June 4-6, 2010 add your SISTERS to the mix.

UU Women’s Connection promises pampering and de-stressing with a spa for body and soul.

Take advantage of our retreat payment plan; request a scholarship; make it a girl friend getaway or go it alone. However you do it...plan to join us for the most relaxing, reasonably priced retreat for women in 2010!

Go to for more info or to

Hope to see you there!

Love & Gratitude,
Metaphysician & Energy Therapist

*PS I may have added some typos, wording errors, or other mumbo jumbo for those of you who enjoy editing. Happy Spring!