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Feb 11, 2010

Hello Friends,

I know this is a bit sooner than usual for me to send out a newsletter. This is more for a gift of hopeful upliftment, entertainment, or just because you wanted one more thing to read in your inbox.

Regardless, here is some recent additions to my SPIRITED POETRY page on my website.

Enjoy and wishing you to love yourself completely on Valentine's Day and consider anyone else a BONUS!

Love and Appreciation,
Teri! Freesmeyer

By the Divine Diva
Teri Freesmeyer

I say it’s okay to lay down the burdens of anxiety.
Whether it be mine or yours, the
Earths or that of society.

I lay these burdens down of fear
And chaos or turmoiled emotions
I lay these burdens down and choose
To release guilt, shame, and fearful notions.

I lay these burdens down and surrender
To who I know.
I surrender all these burdens and choose
To go with the flow

I give my body permission to choose
I can say No and free my heart
I lay the burdens down that trigger the
Victim and wounded part

I lay these burdens down
My gifts are plenty and pure
I lay them down and trust I am safe
Divine Spirit is holding me I’m sure.

I lay down the burdens of time, to-do’s
And don’t know how’s but must.
I lay these burdens down to the ifs, ands,
Whys and buts~

I free myself and reveal my backbone
To the strengths and flow of life
This vessel of divine energy that is
My Divine Birthright

I choose to spend no more time in fret,
Confusion, blocked, or torn
Today I lift the veil of darkness
Today my Light is Born.

Feb. 11, 2010

Teri’s Blog
February 6, 2010   


The Shaman within guides me to work with the Ant energy, to ponder their questions. As I wake this morning and curl up with my journal, the sun is shining in my window even as the cold fills the outside. I am filled with appreciation for that which has come into my awareness this week. The Ants guide me to the elements. Here is the wisdom they share today:

I call in the energy of the Earth and give thanks as I ground my energy deep in the earth.
As I align myself as a channel of Spirit.

Mother Earth, I know there are energy vortexes that resonate special and in alignment with each of us on our highest level. Where are these for me?

“Be present where ever you are”

There it is again. That reoccurring “be present” theme!

I give thanks for this beautiful snowy and sunny day.
I ask for the energy of the day, a great way to get me to be present.

“Cozy is the energy of today. Cozy and cozy.”

Calling in the Elements of water, of the Earth and of the emotions of my body.
Please share with me your wisdom for balance today?

“Stillness, blanket of frozen emotions~ see the beauty in all the unique snowflakes as all the beauty in the unique emotions. When we wrap ourselves in them without truly seeing~ it is scary. When we wrap ourselves in them with consciousness we see the definition, the sparkling insight, the nourishment it brings to our Earth body.

We scoop it out of our way, we stop everything when it is out of control, we build forts and forms, and we throw it at one another, all with joyous abandon. We hop on snowmobile, snowplows and shovels to make a path thru where no path had been.

Snow, water, emotion, see now.
Look for the beauty in the unique flakes of emotion.

WOW! Profound. Especially with the emotion that has been playing out in and around me these past months and particularly my awareness of them this past week.

Calling in the Fire elements, Fire of the Earth, the sky, the body. What wisdom will you share with me today?

“Always there is warmth, heart, joy, manifestation. Always there is light. No matter what you see or feel, or say you feel, or hear from outside your truth, at the level of the elements. There is always enough, there is always light, there is always love and warmth.”

Wow! I write, as the scalp tingles are making me shiver on this one yet again as I type this to you from my writing. I then ask my Inner Wisdom how I am meant to share this writing. Then my critical brain steps in to remind me I haven’t asked the air. As I “think” this, my inner wisdom reminds me that Air is the inspiration who nudged me to ask how to share it….ah, I forget sometimes.

Ever get in your own way?

Dear Air Elements, the breath, ideas, inspirations. What wisdom will you share with me today?

“Let the breath, the wind of the Earth lift you higher. Let your space be cleared. Your mind is space, we clutter it up with fact, LOL, fact to our perception and with expectations held onto by the truth, LOL, that truth again we are telling ourselves is truth from our Ego self talk.

Truly the breath will lift you, will speak to you, and will clear your untruths.

What else do you have to do?

Mmmm? LOL, and its free!

Those who can not breathe are disconnected from their Spiritual Life Force. They hold onto beliefs so tightly, surrender to Spirits breathe, freely.”

I go back to the questions Ant has me to ponder. This channeled writing touched them all.
Thank you, Ants!

As I close my notebook and fire up the computer to write this and share with you, I hear the song in my mind….

“Everyone knows an Ant can’t, move a rubber tree plant, BUT WE’VE GOT
HIGH HOPES! We’ve got HIGH HOPES.!...”

Channeled writing from the Elements to Gaia Luna, Shaman and Medicine Woman
Teri Freesmeyer