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Jan 31, 2010

Art Of Transforming Energy News
Publisher: Teri! Freesmeyer

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In this issue
1. Free Conference Call Feb 3, 2010 @ 8pm CST

2. AVANA Method Training Class & Other Upcoming Events

3. Spirited Poetry from My FEET!

1. Free Conference Call Feb 3
1.   Monthly Conference Call for F*R*E*E*.

I am offering a free teleconference call every month. The topic and format will be based on the group. I tune into the energy of the group and allow my guidance to lead the way. There will be any combination of Energy reading and coaching, Energy transformation tips and tools, meditation and healing intention.

Please have water to drink, pen and paper to write, which is optional.

This months call will be Wed Feb 3rd, 2010 @ 8pm CST

To join the call a1-712-432-3100
Code: 978307

9pm EST
8pm CST
7pm MT
6pm PT

*Mark you calendar now for Mar 3, 2010. Same time, same call in info.


(1) AVANA Method Classes. One of the main tools I use is a profound healing work called AVANA Method. If you are an energy practitioner or want to be and are looking for comprehensive course to bring your wisdom into a working format this is it.

Check out more about it by visiting
Read about Joyce Salvo’s work and inspiration.

There is a teleclass for AVANA I coming up Feb 6 & 7th.
Register at
AVANA II, III, IV will be in Phoenix, Arizona Feb 18-24th. You can take all or part.

I will be in Arizona for the entire course and sharing some metaphysical training to help you understand how you access your intuitive gifts.

This modality and the Metaphysical training have been the catalyst for the work I do.
To assist someone in freeing up their life force energy to live more in their Soul energy of truth and Divinity is the purpose I came here to serve. There have been so many experiences of miracles; I actually have no words to express what that consists of. There are no words; it is much, much more than that.

(2)THERAPIST DUET: SPECIAL EVENT: Feb 25 & 26 only. Mesa, Arizona.

I am teaming up with my pal and Master Reflexologist, Cheryl Speen for a Special Event. Cheryl and I joined forces last year at launched our co-op FROM SOLE TO SOUL at Michfest’s Womyns Music Festival.


Energy Intuitive Teri Freesmeyer & Master Reflexologist Cheryl Speen bring
Their metaphysical healing gifts together in a powerful session of Mind, Body, Soul connection.

Teri in the Energetic body & Cheryl at the feet in the physical plane work with intuitive synchronicity to release the blocks to your free flowing life force energy.

Magnificent Healing Gifts in their separate private practices, together they blend a spirit-guided healing experience From Sole to Soul.

2 hour sessions $200. Take $40 off, if paid by Feb. 14, 2010.
By appointment only.

Contact Teri at or by phone at 217-899-5247
Contact Cheryl at or by calling 602-717-1076


I am thrilled to announce I have been asked to be keynote speaker for the UUWC Women’s Spring Retreat in Illinois. The location for the retreat is at Pilgrims Park in Princeton, IL. The grounds are awesome with a drum circle and fire pit, a fountain in the pond, a stream, walking paths, and a Labyrinth (YIPPEE). I am telling you now so you can save the date! Here is the SAVE THE DATE INFO

UU Women's Connection
2010 Spring Conference
June 4-6
Pilgrim Park Retreat Center
Keynote: Teri Freesmeyer
Hosts: The women of Abraham Lincoln UU Congregation, headed by co chairs, Meg Schnake and Brenda Wade.

The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive. -- Thich Nhat Han

Pilgrim Park near Princeton, Illinois, just off I-80, is an oasis of peace and green with a rustic and natural setting, lovely chapel with trees all around, pleasant staff, wholesome food and comfortable accommodations. On June 4-6, 2010 add your SISTERS to the mix.

UU Women’s Connection promises pampering and de-stressing with a spa for body and soul.

Take advantage of our retreat payment plan; request a scholarship; make it a girl friend getaway or go it alone. However you do it...plan to join us for the most relaxing, reasonably priced retreat for women in 2010!

Go to for more info or to

Hope to see you there!

3. Spirited Poetry from My FEET!

I am taking a wonderful class based on a book by Jan Phillips called Divining the Body. As an intuitive I am really at home and can easily access the multidimensional world, however being grounded in physical form, not always as easy for me. So this class is about getting in touch with the Physical and its Divinity. I knew, as a Toe Reader and Energy Reflexologist, I was meant to take this class when I picked up the book and the first chapter was about FEET!

Here is my sharing of our first assignment.

The tiny inked footprint says I’m me on the official page
The white hard toddler shoe says “she’s coming of age”
Sandboxes, snowdrifts, and fresh green grass
Bee stings, flip flops, watch out for broken glass

Roller skates, skate boards, jump rope, and bicycles
Slumber parties, softball sprains, hopscotch and popsicles

Wedged high heels for the first big dance
Cowboy boots for the first romance
Small Midwest town, pick up trucks and teenage antics
Ornery rebel, sure, but few parental conflicts

Graduation in the park, a young marriage short lived, my path ascended
Knowing in my heart it was not for me, now that war path has ended

Lovers’ requests, yet the walk down the isle seemed void
My soul just keeps walking, no slip of Freud

My feet are explorers. They get naked for the streams.
In Sedona, The Tetons, oceans and places in between.

The shaman path opened me to the wonders of my world
Massaging my feet had never been much joy
Until this new perspective was like having a new toy

These feet are spectacular! All muscles, nerve and bone
This shaman inspiration I found myself at home

New York initiation in a mud bath ceremony
Dancing the medicine wheel awakened the someone within and I was no longer a phony

Each step is sequential as is manifested by desire
I still ask my feet to walk that fearless fire

Now growing up and discovering my Sole for myself
And watching its treasures I am filled with wealth

Learning to acknowledge when pain wants to speak
My feet may need rest or a pedicure this week

These big plump juicy feet brewing with potential
They travel and witness this journey of choice, which is essential

Divining my feet with my precious mentor Pat Meeter
Was a Divine resonance for this quirky Toe Reader

Most recently my path has gone beyond the physical senses
To sum up my life this far may seem pretentious

It’s been a buffet of all you may wish

Spicy relationships,
Sweet endeavors
Salty tears
Bitter loss

The smell of rain cleansing the pain away
The scent of flowers for life, death and Valentines Day
The aroma of the feast at Thanksgiving, weddings, and retreats

The feeling of emptiness, fulfillment, satisfaction and disappointment

It’s the salad bar of life, try a little of this and a little of that


Hugs and Blessings,
Metaphysician & Energy Therapist

Thank you for your patience as I am expanding my Energy Practice. I am in the midst of shifting from to . You can currently access my information with either address. Stay tuned for much new and fun healing in the world of Energy Transformation! Love and Gratitude! ~Teri