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Aug 18, 2009

Art Of Transforming News
August 18, 2009
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Spirit had blessed me in many ways with an abundance of educational tools and experiences I am always guided to share. As a massage therapist for more than 20 years I have taken MANY continuing education classes. One modality in particular I am called to take action with. Announcing the exciting launch of my newest DVD:
LYMPHATIC LIMBO: Self Care Massage for the Breasts.

This is for EVERYONE. This DVD walks you through self care lymphatic massage exercises for the neck, breasts, and arms. They are easy and I have given you ways to incorporate them into your day and make it fun and easy! There are some energy balancing exercises and a powerful meditation at the end you can sit back and relax with. The DVD is segmented into parts. Just pop it in your DVD player and do the exercises along with me until you get the hang of it.

In the years I was in the Spa, I would teach these to my clients to increase and improve their results between visits. This is an absolute must product for those who have any preventative concerns, those dealing with post op edema (always consult your physician before doing) and an amazing list of benefits for all.

I recently taught this as a workshop at a Women’s Music Festival in Michigan. There were over 5,000 women in attendance. The feedback from those who attended the workshop was phenomenal. The results they had in just a short 2 hours workshop demonstrating the exercises proved the benefits and quick achievement of these self care exercises.

Treat yourself or someone you know. Share it with girlfriends, sisters, mothers, daughters and sons too.

To purchase, go online to my website at .
Go to Products and Services page to the DVD’s. The other DVD is great for sinus, allergy, face, neck, and scalp. The price is $28 (includes shipping). You can pay via pay pal on the site. Special pricing when you order the two together!


TOE READING; is it a fun parlor game or a deep spiritual awakening tool? Yes, to both.

My Toe Reading pal, Cheryl and I just returned from a week at MICHFEST. We were there as THE TOE READERS with our new cross country launch of . We have combined our love of travel, our unique gifts and interest in Toe Reading and set out to find places to share what we love. Toe Reading is a metaphysical, symbolic interpretation of the stories our “sole” holds. In reflexology the toes represent the brain, the thoughts, the beliefs we walk with. The toes (and feet) change accordingly and as a Toe Reader, we look at those shifts, symbols, and curiosities to assist you in the awareness of those belief systems.

What is the stories your Soul/ Sole holds? What is your Soul Purpose and what Energy is influencing how you are walking your destined path? What elements, chakras, times lines, pathology and much, much more are speaking to you at a
Sole level?

We are heading around the nation to teach, certify and spread this awareness tool as we teach others to READ TOES! So whether you just want to read your own toes, are a body worker or healing arts practitioner looking for a new and exciting tool while getting your CEU’s, or someone who just wants to take a fun and helpful class, contact me to arrange getting us to your area.

Get on board the TOE TRUCK EXPRESS and help us spread word about Toe Reading!

I read toes via phone consultation, via email pictures, intuitively, as well as in person. If you are interested in a Toe Reading or one of my other sessions, contact me for more information or to schedule a session.

Email @ or call 217-899-5247.
More info on my website at Go to Services page for more.


While at my Grandmothers funeral earlier this year, some old family friends were inquiring if I was still working in the spa industry. My aunt who drove across country with me from AZ to IL and has been a recipient of multiple sessions of my Energy Healing gifts for the past year and curiously explores my work with many questions and awe at how metaphysics has catapulted a way of life for me.

Aunt pipes up and tells the friends “NO! She’s a Psychic!”

After collecting myself, checking that Grandma hadn’t arose from her wooden resting place and observing that my Dad was still standing at the news, I began to explain a bit about the work I do. Yep, I too am still overcoming the stereotypical “psychic” shock.

It’s not like I came home one day from school and said “Mom, Dad, I want to be a psychic when I grow up!” Although, I suppose I could have been a possibility if what is in my awareness now was there back then. I have always been intuitive and that keen sense has benefited my work in the Healing Arts for years. As I have studied Shamanism, Energy Modalities, and Metaphysics for more than the last 10 years, my own understanding of my innate gifts of intuiting, interpreting, reading, and sensing energy has expanded exponentially.

In short, intuitive energy is energy awareness of my OWN energy, my own senses.
Psychic energy is when I am sensing others energy. WOW! I have been doing that my whole life and YOU MOST LIKELY ARE TOO! So yes, we are all psychic. Some of us are more attuned to the subtle senses, others not as affected, and still some just unaware of the interactions they are having with energy.

I am a new kind of psychic. I am not going to just give you an answer, read your “fortune” or read your tarot cards. Could I? Yes. Will I? No. I will take you on a journey with your energy, assist and guide you in getting your own answers and awareness and help you shift your energy to create that which you wish for. We are in charge of our energy at all times. The first step is in understanding it, knowing how we best work with our energy and taking responsibility for our innate Soul.

I read via phone sessions and in person. I have a semi truck load or more of tools to pull from. Some people read cards, palms, or handwriting. I read bodies, energy, frequency and TOES! I work with chakras, belief systems, core issues, relationships and many other energy wavelengths. I am blessed to work with a system called AVANA that is a fabulous medical intuitive tool that creates a multi dimensional vehicle for health, prosperity, happiness, and peace.

I am a natural teacher and part of our Energy Reading and Soul Coaching session will be teaching you tools to assist you in working with and understanding your own energy.

Visit my website for my session information at or call me at 217-899-5247 to schedule a session.


Hugs and Blessings,

Teri! Freesmeyer