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Jul 7, 2009

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July 7, 2009
Publisher: Teri! Freesmeyer

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In this issue
1. Full Moon AND Lunar Eclipse

2. Grandmother Moon’s Message

3. Quick and Easy Meditation to Grandmother Moon

1. Full Moon AND Lunar Eclipse

Today is a filled with fabulous Moon Energy. The Lunar Eclipse occurring this morning intensifying the Full Bloom of Grandmother Moon. In my Shamanic studies of the Native American medicine wheel, I became aware of the Energy and how I am personally affected by Grandmother Moon. With the combined energies of the Lunar Eclipse and the Full Moon, today is a wonderful day to meditate. Full moon meditations equate to a full month of meditations.

The full moon is about completion, the finishing point, symbolically or physically. It corresponds to the culmination of plans into maturity, bringing projects and plans together. Emotions run high! Dream states tend to be more intense.

What plans, relationships, projects, or ways of being are you bringing into a state of completion?

The lunar eclipse represents inward or internal change, introspection, the feminine emotions, our depths. This is a time when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon and the alignment is perfect, as the moon is covered for an hour or more by the shadow of the Earth. This energy brings a sense of absence or withholding.

The lunar eclipse is a time for addressing relationships and connection issues with others. Looking within, confront old habits and fears, recognizing patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving your best and highest good.

2. Grandmother Moon’s Message:
Brave those questions in your shadows with the support of Grandmother Moon. What beliefs or habits keep you absent in relationship with others? With yourself? What feelings are hidden in the depths that may keep you withholding from life (the flow of giving and receiving) in the world?

Grandmother Moon shares with us a place of support as we are receptive to our Feminine energy. She honors us with trust that comes from this introspection. What is ready to be acknowledged where we once denied or disregarded?

Grandmother Moon teaches of the shadow side of oneself. Take a deeper look at our fears or where we need help with our deepest emotions. She shares her gentle light to our deepest shadows that we may be afraid to see in the light of day.

Grandmother Moon helps us get in touch with our sensuality, our sexuality, our increased intuition and psychic ability, and our own dreams and visions, even that which defies logic. Illuminate the fire in your belly! What is it saying? Seeking? Wanting acknowledged?

If you would like to explore your Energy more, want a deeper understanding of your Shadow, or searching for the missing “PEACE” of your puzzle, call me for and Energy Reading and Balancing session. More about my services can be found at my website

3. Quick and Easy Meditation to Grandmother Moon


You may use this quick and basic Guidance as a meditation, a dance in the moonlight, a journaling idea, or simply read with intention. I encourage you to
put your own intent, flair and creativity in to create your personal Moment with Grandmother Moon. Drumming, singing, dancing also encouraged!

Barefoot on the Earth, I bare my Soul and raise my arms as an honoring embrace and request to Grandmother Moon. I ask for the illumination of that which I am ready to see, understand, acknowledge and integrate into the Present Moment.

Precious Energy and Light of Grandmother Moon in Full Bloom Please assist me in aligning with the energies of completion. Bring me fully present and resonating in the vibration I am ready to hold. I request, intend and willingly hold the vibrations of wholeness, joy, and illumination of my whole Self.

I welcome and embrace as I call in my Energy in from areas of disconnection or incompletion in form physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or energetically.
I willingly bring into your gentle light, all parts of my Soul, coming fully present and Centered in the Now. Thank You! Bless You! And So It Is!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, unclear, disconnected or simply out-of-alignment with your Center, contact me via my website at or by calling at 217-899-5247.

I recommend a one-hour Energy Balancing Session. I will assist you in calling back your energies from the areas of your life that create imbalance.

Using intuition (my own energy awareness), psychic (my sense of your energy) and Energy Consulting techniques, I will guide you to the awareness of your own Energy. You will be able to focus, balance and harmonize in all areas of your life more positively when you are aware of your own energy and how you use it! I record our session via conference line when applicable and you will be able to access that recording.

Hugs and Blessings,
Metaphysician & Energy Therapist

Thank you for your patience as I am expanding my Energy Practice. I am in the midst of shifting from to . You can currently access my information with either address. Stay tuned for much new and fun healing in the world of Energy Transformation! Love and Gratitude! ~Teri