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Toe Reading @ Celebrate Your Life

Jun 9, 2009

Hello Beautiful Souls!!!

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1. Celebrate Your Life
2. Free Readings on blog radio show
3. What does your license plate say about you?

1. This is Teri! just back from Celebrate Your Life-Chicago.

I was one of 8 TOE READERS there all weekend reading the toes non-stop for the attendees. It was a magnificent energy to be part of with Internationally known speakers like Carolyn Myss, Sonia Choquette, Cheryl Richardson, James Van Praagh, Debbie Ford,and more. Lively inspiratonal music by the glorious Karen Drucker (if you haven't heard her music, go to

And the Toe Reading Queen of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts(SWIHA), Mesa, AZ, KC Miller! In between her workshops she was sitting along side of us reading toes too!

YEP! That is where I became a certified Toe Reader, my folks are so proud! hee hee hee:) I began working with the energy of the feet over 7 years ago. Progression led me to working with several Native American Shaman where I explored and studied the nature of the elements, also represented in the feet. Divine synchronicity has me relocating to the southwest, 2 blocks from SWIHA, and the rest is history!

For more about Toe Reading and having a session with me via phone and photos, or wherever I happen to be in the world, go to my website at, call me at 217-899-5247, or email me at

Have a group, party or event where you would like TOE READING, contact me for more info.

I have a divine 09 On-line Toe Reading Special ONLY $45 for an hour session. This is for phone sessions only. A toe reading is a Soul Reading! This symbolic representation of the journey your Sole holds brings powerful insight to the stories of your past. Allow me to take a peek at your feet and discover the Pathway to your Purpose.


I will be guest hosting a blog talk radio show, Thursday, June 11 @ 4-6pm PST. I will be doing readings for as many callers as possible. Join me at, the call in number is 347-205-9559.

I have guest hosted before for show host, Sarah Good. Sarah is a British Metaphysician who has been in the USA for several years. She started in Sedona, AZ and has been in Houston, TX the past few years. I have spent the past year studyiing Metaphysics at the Metaphysical School of Texas with Sarah. Our course is complete this month and I will be teaching for the school as we go WEB based. Stay tuned for more.

This course was the glue and prerequisite of the past 20 years of continuing education. It has catapulted and integrated the tools of my toolbox into accessories of assistance, I am the tool, the messenger of Spirit. Here to give Joyous Service.

I can truly say, I trust my Divine Guidance and have the ability, with your permission of course, to tune into your Divine Energy and help guide You on your journey of Ascension.
For more about what I do, feel free to ask, explore my website (


Join me on the show!
3. What does your license plate say about you?

For years I have had the same license plates. SZR HPE. When I got them they meant "Scissor Happy!" as I began my healing arts career as a hairstylist they suited me perfectly. That is from the way-back machine, over 20 years ago!

I have been thinking of changing the plates for sometime now, years actually but just didn't know what I wanted to change them too. Not to mention, the procrastinator in me wanting to avoid paperwork and the trip to the Department of Transportation. SO, it just got put at the bottom of the to-do list.

Recently I have been moving it up in ranks, doodling possibilities, checking on line to see what is available to fit inline with more who I am BEING today with my Art of Transforming Energy practice.

A client who has seen me in all phases, from hair to toes, so to speak, asked me just today,

"What does your license plates say?". I told her the origin and my desire to update. She gave me a blessed gift.

She had seen it all of these years as "SEIZE YOUR HOPE" (SZR HPE) or "SEE'S YOUR HOPE". Either way, she shares, its always been there. You have always been there.

What a gift! Thank You, SG. For seeing in me what was always there. That is the gift I share with you. I see your hope, your Divinity, and assist you in seizing or seeing it for yourself. Like the magic puzzle maker, I help you find your missing "PEACE".

Smile! It raises your vibration and relaxes the body. Besides, it makes people wonder what your up too!

Celebrate Your Life today!
Love, Teri!