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Teri Doing Free Toe Readings

Feb 9, 2009

Hi Gang,

Wanted to let you know I will be a guest on a blog talk radio show. I will be offering FREE TOE READINGS. The Date is THURSDAY FEB 12 @ 6-8pm CST.

(Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln and my Aunt Gi).

If you fax in your feet/ toes to 281-312-2650 and call the show @ 347-205-9559, You could get a reading for FREE.

THe Host is Sarah Good, She is The Founder of The Metaphysical School of Texas I am currently enrolled in. I filled in for Sarah a few times while she was caring for her health and I am excited to be on the show again.

If you wish to leave your toes out of it and receive inspiration, Energy Reading, Chakra Reading, Intuitive Guidance or Messages for another area of your life, please join us. Its loads of fun, great music, two Goddess Genius' to entertain you and lots of upbeat information.

For more info on Toe Reading and my Metaphysical & Energy COnsulting work, feel free to call 217-899-5247, email at, or check out my website at


On line at
Call in at 347-205-9559
Fax Toe Pix to 281-312-2650. Fax prior to the show please with your name. Thanks!

I was host on the show on Sept 4 and 11 (during Hurricane IKE) and the archives are on the site with the other archived shows too.