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The Sacred Sacral

Feb 4, 2009

This piece was a channeled piece of healing work that began as a self healing. It molded its way into a writing assignment for my Writers group and eventually transformed itself, me and those who I have shared the healing "PEACE" with. It completed its shape a few weeks later when "performed in A Love In Action Ceremony with a group of women" who needed this as much as I did. Thank you, Spirit ,for this Divine Healing "PEACE".

Teri Freesmeyer

How much time do you spend with your belly?

I am focusing right now on the area between the belly button and the pubic bone. This corresponding front to the low back and often times love handling sides.
Are you in the awareness of judgment, pain, fat, untouchable, unwanted flesh and discomfort? Is this the monthly obstacle location of mood swings, childless reminders, enduring discomfort, or depletion?

Dare we acknowledge with compassion this Sacred Sacral Ground! Dare we tenderly get to know this part of our physical selves from a multi dimensional perspective?

Take a moment and bring your attention to the lower abdomen. Breathe into the area a new and refreshing breath of acknowledgement. Breathe out any judgment your inner critic starts to protest. Breathe in again appreciation for all the physiological happenings in this part of your body. No need to concentrate on what they are. Your body knows. Just send it breath. We rarely focus on sharing breath with this part of ourselves. This time breathe in and hold the air here, like a beacon of light. And as you exhale, let go of the breath with the intention of clearing away anything that no longer serves you and your Sacred Sacral Ground.

Some of you may carry the warrior shields of birth, the stretch marked signatures of Motherhood. Some may carry the emptiness of wanting what has never grown in this barren land. Some may notice the inward “innie” or the outward “outie” and take a moment to reflect on its chord of connection. And others of you may yield the scars of violation, neglect, abuse and the child within having no way of processing or understanding it all.

I became aware of my despondence to my Sacred Sacral Self. The home of creativity, passion, and emotion. The house of our sensuality and sexuality. What have I been so afraid of embracing or letting go? Recently out of discomfort and expansion I have begun to touch, feel, and commune with this physical part of my body. First in disgust and frustration. And now with more gentleness and a desire to understand and relate as One. I don’t carry the memory of a child nestled within, although it may appear. So I ask what is it I’ve given birth too or need to birth?

I relax into the feelings. I experience tightness, tension, and resistance. To what I consider and recognize this is just where I’ve stored it. A protective mound to that which was misunderstood or unable to process. The lap of discontent or the Sea of Emotions? So much illusion to let go of and yet I still sense I have not yet acknowledged the core. What is the Secret I’ve been weighting for. I don’t know what the Secret is, I only know I acknowledge and clear it now and I am fulfilled.

I shift my perspective to the warehouse of passionate and inspired ideas, yet to manifest in the world. I have given birth to the Shaman within, Gaia Luna, when the moon set in my womb. I have given birth to the Metaphysician now that I can honor and embrace my gift of multidimensional healing and experience as an Intuitive healer. I have experienced ecstasy, self love, all realms of emotions and new forms of expression. I sing, dance, move, be still, yell, cry, speak, write, dream, and explore. I married myself. I make love to life by loving myself. I welcome the integration of the Yin and Yang, The Shadow and Light, The Masculine and Feminine within me. I am a channel for the Divine as well as for our Dear Mother Earth.

I have acknowledged food addiction, vowed to release what no longer serves me or brings me pleasure, embraced all aspects of myself no matter what they are. I have balanced, bathed, and manipulated the many reasons for this slosh-y, love-hate relationship of my Sacred Sacral.

Can it be as simple as embracing and loving this part of me as any other part. There was a time when touching the tummy was off limits by me or anyone else. Now I recognize the healing power of touch and choose how that touch comes about and how I interpret it. This is the space of internalizing. What in turn is taking up too much space?

I am aware of the song it sings in motion, not a favorite but I do like the motion. If it was flat~ would I be? Nah, A Goddess is an essence, a Mother of Divine Love. A Diva of Precious Force, A Mother to all. The Mother Tree of life. The sun and the moon, the light and the dark, the depths of shadow and the luminescence of All.

Touch your Soul at the level of the Sacred Sacral. Hear its story and all its witnessed via its tears, its rebellion, its drowning sorrow, its abundance of creative juice, its work. Love it unconditionally in all sizes, textures, and hills or valleys. Pick it up and carry it home to your heart in love, forgiveness and compassion.

Allow yourself to let go of all that this water vessel has absorbed and drink in fresh new pure loving water. Intend balance and expression in healthy ways. Treat it as so. Sacred Sacral.

Sacred womb of your Earth body. Sacred cave to your emotions and creative juices. Sacred vessel of passion and sensuality. The temple Divine of the Sacred Sexual Sacral.

For those who hold deep wounds here this may seem impossible. Reclaim this sacred area for yourself. Be your own Safe haven. This can take time and tenderness. Awaken the healer within yourself or with the help of a guide. Be your own healthy parent and ask those parts of you that have disconnected to return in a vibration of healing, compassion and pure Divine Love.

I can help you with this part of your journey if you are so guided. The first step is a desire to heal. A desire to know what your Divine Self knows. You are Sacred. Sacral and all. I see that in you too. I connect with your Divine Souls energy to guide you to that truth. I embrace you as your Sacred Self. I can say this to you, only because I can say this to me.

And so it is.

*Copywrite 2009 Teri Freesmeyer