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My Best Gift Ever

Dec 5, 2008

Tis the season! Ready or not, here it comes!

Here's a bit I recently wrote for an event my writers group performed. Hope it ignites a spark for you, sings to your heart in some way, or simply communicates to the essence of Divinity within you. EnJOY!


"The Presence"

Written by Teri Freesmeyer

I am grateful to BE aware of the gift of Divine Presence with in.
It’s taken me 40 years on this journey of truth, and each day I begin again.

Of all of the holidays gifts I’ve received: material, emotional, and wise.
This one I seek is at all times near, but occasionally still lost to my eyes.

I have learned it has always been present and has never been out of reach.
I know the purpose my Soul has came here, to share, claim and teach.

The gift is for all of us, I keep it in here
You have it too, no need to fear!

The time has NOW come for this Thanks Giving Birth,
The Christ child within us must now claim our worth.

This gift I pen Dear Ones, is the LOVE of Humanity
The season is here! Claim within, Its Your Divinity.

We are on the same TEAM, all religions, race and creed.
Every cell of this Universe, comes from one seed………. pause

Are we willing to open to this gift here today?
It’s the only one that matters in the end anyway.