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BEING Your Own Best Friend

Nov 12, 2008

Hello Art of Transforming Subscribers!

I work best through inspiration and somedays that comes in truckloads and some days I am standing on the platform with my ticket and the train is delayed!

Today I want to give thanks for all of you brilliant people for signing up on my subscriber list. Bless you for being willing to stomp around in my words, patiently await my shared inspiration and most of all for spreading the word on the importance of EATING DESSERT FIRST! Please tell others about this and about me too!

Here is a question to sit with........


Sit in the question, allow the critic to chatter and quiet, allow any unworthiness to be loved away and when the mental brain exhausts itself with BS, let the Higher Self, The part of you who holds the Love, acknowlege how you can or how you already are being your own best friend.

Give yourself permission to be Your Own Best Friend. Write it on a permission slip if you have to! Or email me and I will send you one myself!

Recognized what you do RIGHT, what you DID accomplish on your to-do list and the gifts you bring to the world by being you. So often we spend time on the other side of this fence, what we did "wrong", what we "didn't" get done, blah blah blah. What if we honor the good stuff? If you are at a loss for this info, begin by listening and receiving the compliments of others. No argument, no discounts, just receive and give thanks. This honors the other persons gift too!

And WHAT IF the great things they said....WERE TRUE?


To celebrate my 40th Birthday I am offering 1 hr Toe Reading Sessions for $40 through Nov 30th.

Toe Reading is a symbolic, holographic look at the stories your Sole/Soul holds. Profound and fun. I read the energy and the symbolic story and help you shift, acknowledge and move forward on your Destined path in the present moment. I use this as a quirky little intro to Soul Coaching and Energy Healing.

More on Toe Reading on my website at:

Click on newsletter page. Also if you wish to hear a fun Toe Reading Interview event I did with friend and mentor Rebecca Marina go to:

Have a Great Fun-filled Day! Give you a Hug from me, please!