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May 7, 2008

*Spontaneous Writing with the Scribe Tribe (An area Writers Group I joined). Choosing random words from the dictionary to create a story. This was really fun and creative!

It’s a perfect world, like a PLANETARIUM filled with dancing butterflies and gentle breezes.
The sun shining amongst puffy white clouds as they laze comfortably in the sky. Becoming like a BITTERN to be in joy & peace.

Utopia, our perfect world. Filled with different CULTURES.
Who’s respect and love for one another’s choices all with the SUBSEQUENT goal of Oneness in Love as the eyes looking back at you reflect the God/Goddess in you and as you reflect back to them the EVOLUTION of man.

Utopia, our perfect world we live in. Filled with beauty, wealth, and pleasure.
Where death is celebrated equally to birth. Where voice and word is honored, spoken freely and our truth is embraced as the perfection it is meant to be. U-TOP-I-A!

You are the perfection of the world. May you take a moment everyday to look in the mirror and see what I see in You.