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Art of Transforming Energy
Teri Freesmeyer
Energy Therapy

These are some of the tools I may use in our workshop. But, like each of us, we are limitless as to what can be created!  

THE TRANSFORMATION GAME:   A powerful interactive tool that provides a way of understanding and gracefully transforming the way you play your life. My Unique gift is intutive connection and the use of Energy Clearing and Balancing to Integrate the game immediately at a core level.

 THE AVANA METHOD : This beautiful healing modality is a guided journey to raise the frequency vibration of the body, its systems and its complex structure. I blend the AVANA (joy) fundamentals with guided imagery and intuitve promptings to help stretch and align the body with peace, love, joy and other higher frequencies to unlock blocks, dis-ease, stress, and structural disturbances in the body...easily and without a healing crisis. Go to www.avanamethod.com for more info on Joyce Salvo and The AVANA Method.

ENERGY EXERCISES: These are a series of exercises combining acupressure points, breath work, and energy clearing and balancing.

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique uses acupressure points and a series of affirmations to clear blockages due to a variety of issues.

PSYCH K: A method of clearing core issues and aligning subconscious and conscious goals and beliefs. Energy Testing and balancing techniques, NLP and guided imagery. A quick well rounded and Core Issue ZAPPER! Amazing when combined with The Transformation Game too!

EYE PATCHING: This Rapid Eye Therapy tool is amazing for calming mental and/or emotional disruptions caused by stress adn trauma.

NLP: Neurolinguistic programming, a process and learning style, is helpful in communication. Helpful in all relationships. Make life easier with understanding.

ENERGY CIRCLES & CREATION WALKS: This technique, using my own flair, uses the power of manifesting to attract what you desire.

SOUND THERAPY JOURNEY: I use my intutive ears to hear energy in the body. Using the didgeridoo, the Tibetan Singing Bowl, Native American Rainstick and Rattle, chimes, or other creative flairs to balance, harmonize, listen to the body and help energy to flow for benefit.  Open the channels and receive the gift. Also can be done for homes and business as a blessing ceremony.

SOMATIC JOURNALING:  Journaling exercises and guided imagery help us consciously connect at a new level. Get back into your body, mind, spirit with Journaling exercises that reveal the inner wisdom.

ELEMENTAL ENERGYUsing our nature to recognize patterns and behavior to better understand ourselves, as well as all we interact with. 

THE MEDICINE WHEEL: A Native American method of prayer, meditation, or discovery.

AROMASOUND:  A customized session of essential oils to support the systems of the body and sound healing utilzing tuning forks, bowls, strings or drums to support the energy field. As the essential oils nourish the physical and cellular functions with high vibrational oils or the purest quality; the sound healing instruments massage the energy body to clear, energize, relax, and more.

INTUITIVE AROMATHERAPY CONSULT: This ancient practice of beauty, healing and restoration brings the physical experience of aromatherapy, to the emotional healing realm of balancing and soothing, the mental body for clarity, brain function and relaxation and the spiritual enhancement of high vibrational influences for deeper meditation and connection to Divine Energy. When the right oils for you are found, the body responds by being receptive. I show you how to know what oils the body responds to and how you can intuitively use and choose the best quality and properites to serve you.


If you are new to essential oils and do not have a DoTerra Wellness Advocate or account, I am happy to serve you and invite you to join my organization. First consult is complimentary for all who are seeking a DoTerra Wellness Advocate to support them. 


***I am learning more tools all the time to share with you and help you on your Transformation journey.  Watch for more!