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Art of Transforming Energy
Teri Freesmeyer
Contact Info and Fees

FOR  MORE INFORMATION on Games, Workshops, Groups and Seminars in your area or  for Individual Sessions or Hosting A Workshop or Game in your area, call or e-mail me at address below. 

FOR NEWSLETTER and Transformation Tools, click on Newsletter page  and enter your info to sign up. Remember to reply to the confirmation email to complete the process.

 OR call or email me at address below.

Email: terifreesmeyer@gmail.com

Or call, (217) 899-5247. Please leave your name and number, reason for your call and a time to reach you.

I am usually able to respond with in 2 days. Feel free to contact me again in the event your message did not get through for some reason.  Thank you in advance for contacting me!


Transformation Games Groups:  4 hour session: $100 per person (4-6 players), $135 per person (2-3 players) , unless otherwise stated.

*Full day workshop and Two Day Workshops available. 8 players. Contact me for details, pricing, and information.

Private Session Transformation Game: $135, 2 hour session

Workshops and Seminars: $25 per person, unless otherwise stated.

Individual Intuitive Coaching and Energy Therapy, by appointment only,in person, phone, skype $70- $200.

Individual Healing Session?  I will be Intuitively Guided to utilize a variety of techniques to benefit you that may include Sound Therapy, Reiki, and Energy Balancing Bodywork. Guided Imagery, Shamanic Breathwork, PSYCH K, Avana Method, Aromatherapy, AromaSound, Elemental Balancing, Manual Lymphatic Massage, La Stone,Release work and a variety of other modalitie

Most sessions are 1 1/2hr hours in person and 1 hour by phone. Longer and shorter sessions available by appointment consultation.

Teleclasses: per event.....some free, tax deductible or love offering basis.