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Art of Transforming Energy
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 I recently spoke on some coaching tips for a Committee Meeting held for a group called Serenity Garden. These ladies have been working with the book “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield, co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books. 


At this “COME AS YOU WILL BE….IN 2014” extravaganza, you will arrive as who you will be in 5 years. You will present yourself in speech, action, and attire in the pretense for the entire evening AS the person you aspire to be in 20134.


Stretch you imagination and join the fun! Create props and biographies. Stretch your imagination and BE who you dream of being NOW. It is all in fun, yes! But this is also an opportunity to be the visionary and creator of your life.


As an Intuitive Coach and Transformation Facilitator, I am sharing, in the article below, some fun and explorative exercises to help the participants of this event create their persona.  Whether you are attending this or your own “COME AS YOU WILL BE…IN 2014” Event or just want to step into creating your future, try some of the exercises and BE your future self now!


Here are a few coaching tips to help you unfold your story, your script and get you in touch with the energy of your dreams and aspirations!


I.                   NON-DOMINANT HAND WRITING:

II.                VAK to the Future

III.             Opposites list

IV.             Vision Board

V.                Role Playing



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I.                   NON-DOMINANT HAND WRITING: This is a great journaling or investigative technique for getting into your intuitive side. Lets say you are unsure who or what you want to be in 5 years. Ask!


Write a question such as: “Dear Soul, What/Who do you dream of being in 5 years?”

“Dear Inner Child, Who would you like us to be in 5 years?” “Dear________(your name), What dreams and goals will create our future? “ “Dear Universe, What will my life be like in 5 years when all my dreams come true?”


Write this question, in your own way, with the hand you sign checks with. Then, take a deep breath and switch the pen to the other hand. Without judgment, write or draw whatever comes to mind. You may get a symbol or a word. Let it come and ask more questions. The more you use this tool the easier it will be to receive inner guidance and recognize the way your intuitive self responds to your questions.


I learned this technique from my mentor and friend, Rebecca Marina www.celebrationhealing.com. She studied with Dr Lucia Capacchione, who has many great books on this subject. www.luciac.com  I use this technique personally in journaling and with my intuitive coaching clients. It has extraordinary benefits for unlocking your creativity, your inner knowing and tuning into your intuitive resources.




For more on Non-dominant Handwriting, Intuitive Coaching and Transformation Facilitation, call me, Teri @ 217-899-5247 for an appointment or phone session.



I.                   VAK to the Future: This is a tool I use in Energy Balancing and Transformation called PSYCH-K. www.psych-k.com  This is a fabulous way to hook in affirmations at a subconscious level. Many times what is going on consciously and subconsciously are two entirely different games! VAK helps the subconscious mind process what you are gearing towards consciously.


For example:

Let’s say you affirm you want more FUN in life. Your subconscious needs sensory concepts to understand what that means. So we use VAK to give the subconscious mind a Picture, feeling, and sound to what FUN means to you.


So for your “COME AS YOU WILL BE…IN 2013” creation, ask yourself some questions. You can combine this with the non-dominant exercise if you wish. Both of these exercises build communication and new neuro-pathways in the brain.  VAK stands for VISUAL, AUDITORY, KINESTETIC. This is from a technique called NLP, Neuro-linguistic programming.




What will I look like in 2013?

 What will I be wearing as my future self?

 What do I picture me doing?

What do you image you will be seeing around you?

Where will you live?

What is the look on your face, eyes ,etc?

What will other people be seeing me doing?

 Who will be in my circle of friends and acquaintances?

What will my family be seeing me being, doing, having?

Use words that are visually stimulating: I imagine myself_______, I see my family noticing___________, When I look in the mirror I _____________, I will be showing people _________________, Others catch a glimpse of my success by_________________






What will you be saying in 2013?

What will others be saying to you?

What sounds are you hearing around you in your environment?

What do you want to hear from others?

What are you telling yourself?

How will you sound different in your story?


Use words that are auditory in nature: I hear you loud and clear when you say_________, I am telling myself____________, I hear myself accepting _______________, I overheard the crowd mention_______________, I get calls saying_______________, I call others to tell them___________________




KINESTHETIC: (These are feeling creations)


What does it feel like being this future self?

What do other people tell you they are feeling for you?

What sensations are you experiencing?

Where do you feel this in your body?

Have you experienced this feeling before?


Use words that are kinesthetic in nature: I feel so __________________, My friends and family feel so _______________about my achievements, This is what I am experiencing and I love it___________________ I am helping others feel more______________, Others are sharing their feeling of _____________with me too.




Gathering up all the information from your VAK exercise, what word or phrase could you use to describe this future you? Where do you feel that in your body? How big is it? If it could be a color, what color? Texture? What does it weigh? Have you experienced this feeling before? When, where, etc?


Returning to our example about FUN, I mentioned above. Your subconscious needs a sensory idea of the goal (fun) in order to know when you are being, doing, having (FUN). So you want to identify what that feels, looks, and sounds like to you.


*note: PSYCH K is great format for surrogate work for pets, loved ones, and the Future You!






For more on Energy Balancing, PYSCH-K, and workshops utilizing these techiques, call me, Teri @ 217-899-5247 for an appointment or phone session.





III. Opposites list: Okay, for those of you who have no clue what you do want, first try the non-dominant or come back to it after this exercise. Make a list of what you have now that you want something different. List this on one side of your paper. On the opposite side, write the opposite of this and make into a sentence to get you going in a possible direction.




I DON’T WANT:                                                 I DO WANT:


To work for someone else.                                    To have a flexible schedule.

The same old thing everyday                                to travel and be creative

To live in the city                                                  to live in a warm climate

Drive more than 30 miles a day                            a company car

To be a boss                                                          to work with great people

To go into debt                                                     to have a ___figure income



This will give you a few things to start with. For instance, on your DO WANT list:  I do want a flexible schedule. What is your ideal schedule? How many hours a week do you spend in your new job? Where would you like to travel too? What creative gifts are you utilizing? Where do you want to live? What kind of company car? What are the qualities of the people you enjoy working with? What kinds of experiences are you enjoying with your income?



Another list you can make is a list of Props, tools and support people for your future you.  For instance:


Will you have a business card? What will it say?

Will you carry a brief case, need a passport, have an assistant to handle your _________what???


Will you have a staff? Who will they be, what kinds of people in what positions?

Are you famous? Are you local, state-wide, nation wide, or internationally affluent?

Who are your clients?

What is in your briefcase?

What organizations are you affiliated with?

What charities are you donating too?

Are you being interviewed or featured in an article somewhere? What is the article about?




 Intuitive Coaching and Transformation Facilitation are great ways to discover new direction and insight.  Teri @ 217-899-5247 for an appointment or phone session.






IV.VISION BOARD: Beginning with a goal, idea, wish or direction in mind, gather together: magazines, scissors, glue or tape, poster board.  Set a timer of 15 min and cut or tear out images or words that connect you with your goal, idea, or wish.  Take the images and create a vision board of you future. Hang this where you see it everyday. Add to or adjust as your vision grows. Update your vision board as needed and remember to be in a state of gratitude before, during and after!


Vision Boards and other creative playdates are a catalyst for Transformation and achieving goals. If you would like to host a workshop and have me facilitate, call  Teri @ 217-899-5247.



V. Role playing your future enables you to build your energy and align with the vibrational escrow of your intention. BEING is a giant step in the Becoming. By Being in this Energy and creating details, the details can be getting taken care of.

Realign the have-do-be mentality of the past generations to the new thought of times BE-DO-HAVE! Having others get involved and support your dream gives a new validation and committed alignment to manifest.


Congratulations on your success and have FUN!


For information on any of the tools and techniques discussed on this website, call Teri! at 217-899-5247. I am a Shaman and Professional Workshop leader who uses a variety of tools. I bring forth my creative ideas, enthusiasm and a keen intuitive gift for connecting the dots you may be too close too in your own game.  For more info on me, my toolbox, articles and events, visit the other pages on this site.








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