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IN PERSON Shamanic Bodywork (1 1/2 hr session)

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In person session.

Bodywork Special. $100 for a limited time.

2 hour session $135




METAPHYSICAL BODYWORK: Beyond your typical massage that manipulates the soft tissue of the physical body, I will incorporate Energy Work to integrate the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies to function in wholeness.  I tune into your Divine Self, with permission of course, for guidance on how best to achieve what you are ready to align with. This work will shift your vibrational frequency to that which serves your Divine Self, the Higher Self.
I will work with you and your intention, as well as tune into your Energy system  guiding me to areas that may need unlock, stretched, released, energized, relaxed, etc.
I may use massage therapy & lymphatic drainage,  sound, touch, movement, pressure point, Spiritual/ Intuitive coaching and counsel, visualization, Quantum Touch, Shamanic Energy Balancing, Reiki, Avana Method, guided imagery & breathwork, and other techniques to bring your body into harmony, balance and relaxation. By aligning Energy you naturally bring your body into its own healing capabilities.
I use my subtle senses to read, see, feel, intuit and shift energy. I am the facilitator on your journey here to guide by using Metaphysics (beyond the physical) as the platform. I am a medical intuitive working with the tool of Energy Healing.


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