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60 min Energy Reading & Balancing via Phone (option to record)

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 Phone Sessions For Energy Healing, Transformational Soul Coaching, Intutive Readings, and Spiritual Counseling


These sessions are result oriented. I may only need a few minutes to tune into your energy and what we need to work on, but you may need the process. . I may use a combination of modalities or strictly use one method while working with you.. How we utilize the time will be determined by your goals, intentions and desires. A series of 3 or more sessions are highly recommended. See series packages for an amazing price break on your sessions.



1 1/2 hour session $100 (most recommended to begin)

Program Series of 3 sessions.  Recommended as often as weekly or a minimum of once a month. SAVE $50!!!! ONLY $250 When purchased in advance.

***I recommend a Program of 3 sessions. After 3 sessions we can determine your needs and customize any continuing program


2 hours session $135 PROGRAM SERIES OF 3 SESSIONS....SAVE $35 on each session!!!!! ONLY $300 When purchased in advance.


**1 hour session  and 1/2 session only available after the initial program of 3 session.

I am able to coach you in 1/2 hour. Typically you may need more time for clarification and transformation. Give yourself permission to allow this time for your growth, healing and expansiveness. You are worth it. Even coaches, healers and leaders need facilitated assistance once in a while. Be WILLING to Allow yourself the support.


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